Kiwi VS Irish 2012

To be really honest Ireland played really great, but to be a All Black supporter GO THE ALL BLACKS!!! It was a really close game and I think NZ should now train harder see what mistakes they made. The Irish totally thrashed the NZ with the scrums. 22- 19 man it was a last miute thing!

Well that game was such a relief! phew

Long Time No Post

School is going very succesfully I even got a acidemic award at the ceremony for mathematics. whats up with the budget business? I LOVE technology classes how could they just take it away from me and my younger sisters? I soo object to their decision and I am pretty sure you do to I mean it is there for a reason, it was there so it can help us with our future jobs and couries, I bet I sound so bossy but I like it that way. I mean come on they could do something else with the budget rather than dealing with technology classes. Well this all I have to type bye for now.



Dear readers…

fresh mussels are really dangerous! Here is the reason why: when you are going to boil it and its mouth is open DON’ T HOLD ON TO THE MOUTH especaily when you are putting it in boiling water. What will happen is its mouth will close and try to cling onto your had or what ever you are using to hold the mussel, and trust me it hurts when you use your hands! I have once experinced it so watch out!

I am sooo not into intermediate

Hey guys just like I typed on the title I am sooo not into intermediate. I have made some friends and things but I still don’t feel right, maybe because I am just so used to hanging around Papatoetoe west school people and especailly the KJKSD group. Well things are going okay at my school I hope. I am in the class sixteen and with a teacher named Mr Gabriel (not sure of spelling). In my class there is three people that came from Papatoetoe west school and those people was me, (of course) Dion from room 2 in primary school and Vanshika from room 1 in primary school.

I now confirm that I am the class librarian with my friend named Selena. My stationaery are all in my desk (which is kind of messy)  all nammed and I have some homework to do so this all I am going to write.

Bye for now!

KJKSD for ever!

Oh yeah Joanna if you are reading this Trisha is not at Australia yet so you might just see her!Good luck!

New year stinks/rockz

First of happy late new year!!! Well my new year was not cool and in another way it was totally AWSOME!!! Good news first I get red pocket money BO-YEAH you red it BO-yeah I get some red pocket money. DUN DUN now here comes the bad news I have to a VEGETARIAN not cool but suffered through the day without any meat so we ate this vegetarian meal which didn’t taste that bad. Well that was my new year so yeah. 

Thanks for reading

Bye now!

To the Room 2 K – pop lovers

Hey K – pop lovers I was watching Asian Awards well something like that and I came back from my trip I felt sooo exusted then so I decided to open the TV and started watching yeah you know. Anyway the great news is (to Destiny anyway) the Girls Generation won the artist of the year!!! isn’t that great news girl’s Generation lovers? Also just to anounce the Super Junior lovers…. they won the album of the year horray for you!!!










Oh hang on if you want to watch the first part it you are welcome to do that!! (note: you may not be able to understand it)

KJKSD for ever!!!

Remeber how is was KJKS….D, then went to KJKS..D until it came to one dot, but guess what now it is KJKSD  (Kesia, Jada, Kitty, Shivali, Destiny) isn’t that some news for room 2 2011 of course. Although we are all seperate next year except for Shivali and Kesaia KJKSD will still remain strong and with the best of luck we might meet eachother again some where!